Expected outputs and results

The VIBE Project has a very high but tangible and quantifiable set of outputs:
1. Operate a powerful consortium of 13 partners in 12 countries and 6 additional supporters that provides in itself a strong network promoting investment into innovative companeis across the SEE region. More information [here]
2. Maintain a user friendly web platform with all outputs, learning highlights and links to all deliverables of the project's programme. Visit home page for more detailed information regarding VIBE - Project
3. Organise 12 national seminars to raise awareness about investment into, and acceleration of, innovative companies and the project's benefits. More information [here]
4. Organise 4 Balkan Venture Forums with a total of 160 presenting innovative companies and an equal number of investors and experts and open to all SEE benefiaries and with international appeal. More information [here]
5. Publish a map with active investors, support agencies and incentives providers across the 12 countries. The information can be found in "Search in Venture Eco-System', click [here]
6. Allow the Directory listed actors to complement this inti a Guide with their own presentations, documents and links. More information can be found [here]
7. Survey the innovative companies and investors regading their strategic, policy and incentives needs.

  • Survey Startup and Investor needs in SEE (WP3, act 3.3). Click [here] to download.

8. Roll out 10 coaching tracks over 2 years accelerating the growth and investment potentialof 120 selected SMEs from 13 different SEE countries into 6 specialised sectors of ICT, heathcare and clean technologies.
9. Involve 120 experts and 24 moderators in the 10 coaching tracks so that a powerful network of acceleration and investment readiness experts is made avilabel across the SEE network.
10. Train 12 moderators as future trainers of the coaching tracks to sustain the coaching tracks.
11. Meet with 80 investors across 12 local investor workshops.
12. Involve 160 investors across 9 investor webinars on 6 key investment topics and 3 investment portfolio reviews in 3 sectors (ICT, healthcare and cleantech).
13. Draft a paper with key policy issues and suggestions.
14. Discuss the issues and suggestions with some 60 key policy makers across the SEE region.
15. Work out a facility or incentive for cross-border investments with the support of institutional investors and interest of private investors ready to roll out


[T: 0.4108, DE: 0.2318, ME: 0.2372, O: 507]