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The purpose of this mapping directory search tool is to facilitate users to detect key actors of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in South-East Europe and to obtain information regarding their main characteristics. The directory entails the following countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, as well as ‘EU’, and ‘International’.

Users can search the directory by name of actor, country/geographic region of activity, actor’s activity category, type of organisation, business sector focus, or key word. Search criteria can be also combined.

The directory offers access to three main categories of actors: Policy, Finance, Support.

In the category Policy the user can find entries such as: Ministries, Agencies, Programmes and Initiatives, General and Special Secretariats, Regional Authorities, Boards and Projects.

In the category Finance the user can find entries such as: Seed , VC and Guarantee Funds, Funds of Funds, Incubators, Accelerators, Business Angels, Institutions, Associations, Foundations, Grants and Loans, Crowd-funding and Crowd-investing actors and Support programmes.

In the category Support the user can find useful entries such as: Accelerators, R&D Centres, Technology Transfer Agencies, Service Providers, Incubators, Support programmes and initiatives, Tech Parks, Associations, Chambers, Foundations, Agencies, Innovation intermediaries, Clusters, Universities and educational institutions and Special projects.

Each entry is accompanied with an overview of the key actor’s main characteristics and contact data.

Steps in detail:

  1. Visit the Directory at or visit and go to ‘Venture Ecosystem’.
  2. Type in the empty line the search criterion for which you are most interested in getting information (name of actor, country/geographic region of activity, actor’s activity category, type of organisation, business sector focus, key word). Search criteria can be also combined. In the example below, the search criterion is ‘Greece’. Press ‘Search in Directory’. SearchGreece
  3. A list of all directory entries related to the search criterion ‘Greece’ appears ( * ) . For each listed entry the name of the actor appears first in bold letters. Next to it the country of origin is indicated. The category to which each actor belongs appears at the end of the entry in orange letters. Move downwards to reveal all the listed actors and browse through all the available pages. When you have found the actor you are interested in press the ‘More Info’ button next to the actor’s entry to reveal more detailed information about the selected actor. In this example the ‘MIC Innovation Center – Greece’ (No. 3) is selected. ResultsGreece
  4. The overview of the actor you selected appears. In this example, the details available for ‘MIC Innovation –Greece’ are presented. DetailsMicGreece

( * ) Note: The results are displayed according to a particular algorithm following a specific rating against the search keywords. This can result in a non-alphabetical order of results.

Update of information and Disclaimer

The directory is constantly being updated. Nevertheless, if despite our best efforts you come across any outdated, invalid or missing information you are kindly asked to contact one of the local VIBE partners or directly: or

In case your organisation is a relevant key actor of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in SEE and is not yet listed in the directory you are welcome to contact one of the local VIBE partners or provide your details directly to: or

We acknowledge the input of all contributing organisations and individuals. Neither the European Commission, nor the VIBE project partners are responsible for the content of information provided by contributing organisations and individuals or any use that may be made of the information contained in this directory.

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