Question: I cannot remember my password. How to recover it?

Answer: Click on "[Log In]" link from top of the menu. In the log in page click on "Password recovery" button. Then enter your email address associated with your account and press "Recover Pasword" button.

Question: When I try to log in I get the error "Check your User/Password". What should I do?

Answer: If you try to copy/paste your password at log in, it may not work due to a supplementary space character automatically appended on selected text in some cases. Please type in your password from keyboard in order to avoid log in errors. The password is case sensitive.

Question: When I click on some buttons or links nothing happens. What sould I do?

Answer: There may be a problem caused by your browser or a pop-up blocker.
If you use Internet Explorer 8 (IE 8) on Windows XP, then you should know that this version is not fully compatible with our platform. If you are using a more recent Windows operating system you should check if you have Internet Explorer version 9 (IE 9) or later, otherwise it is necessary to update your operating system. Also, when you access our platform using IE 9 (or IE 10), you should disable "Compatibility View" option.
If the measures described above do not solve your problem, please try using one of the other browsers we tested:

• Google Chrome - can be installed without the need of administrative rights. You can download it at:

• Mozilla Firefox - requires administrative privileges to install. Can be downloaded from:

For other technical issues and support please address to:

[T: 0.4182, DE: 0.2491, ME: 0.2541, O: 503]