The model for assessing applications to the investment forum  (for pitching candidates) is based on these 10 criteria. Each criteria is evaluated with scores from 1 - 5 (Excellent=5; Good=4, Average=3; Bad=2; Very bad=1). Maximum total score is 50.

Problem -  Customer pain is explained in a clear and structured way that is backed-up by solid argumentation.
Solution - ompany’s value proposition makes the customer’s life better evidently; applications of when / how to use product are well presented.
Timing -  Historical evolution of company’s category and recent trends that make company’s solution possible are well defined.
Market -  Target customer profile is well defined and profitable; market size (TAM, SAM, SOM) is large and growing.
Competition -  List of competitors is comprehensive but not necessarily exhaustive; company shows awareness of key differentiators and is able to well define company’s competitive advantages.
Product -  Description of product’s characteristics is complete (form, functionality, features, defensibility, IP); next steps in product development are defined (novel solutions creation).
Business model -  Revenue model, pricing, traction, sales model and scalability are presented explicit and factual. Founding team can already show proven connections to sales & distribution networks / key clients.
Team -  Founders’ core is balanced (managerial vs. technical skills); team has adequate expertise and track record; team can count on support from experienced industry mentors / partners / advisory board
Investment readiness -  Demand / offer to invest or partner is well defined and attractive; company explicitly states what money will be spent on, potential profitable exit is proposed.
Presentation -  Text or presentation is well structured, grammatically correct, using as few words as possible, coherent, persuasive, have illustrative visual materials (images, charts, etc.); idea/company presentation is innovative; credible data sources are used.

[T: 0.4142, DE: 0.2506, ME: 0.2554, O: 487]