Investors' Track


 VIBE Webinars on Investors & Business Angels (Investors' Track)


One of the main goals of the VIBE Project is to build and promote a network of investors in the South East Europe area as one of the enablers for an innovative entrepreneurship environment, including opportunities of contact with key actors in the investment field, stimulation of (cross-border) investments and shaping required incentives on the policy level. Investors’ Track aims at building awareness among investors on the high growth potential of innovation markets in the SEE area and link up investors with their peers who are interested but currently unaware of the particulars in the industry. For this purpose three webinars and one interactive session were organised with business angels and potential investors from the partner countries in the project at the end of 2014:
-      Different types of Angels, support structures and services, the first webinar held on November 25th 2014, addressed the general approaches to business angels in different countries across Europe;


-     Structuring a deal flow, the second webinar held on  December 2nd 2014, meant to go deeper into details of a business angel's investment activity in different countries and analyze different stages of an investment process;


-      Investment negotiation process, the third edition organised in December 4th pointed at various experiences in each participant's country, the percentages of investment, the degree of involvement and particularities of the negotiations.
The series of webinars ended with a fourth interactive edition where business angels and representatives of investment structures across Europe had the chance to debate over actual regulations and future common actions that could facilitate investment activities in South East Europe.

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