You have an awsome idea? Now it’s time to make it profitable. Here you can find excellent tips, tools, templates and links related to specific challenges entrepreneur has in an idea stage of his company.


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· You've got a great idea. But negotiating your way from the invention you first sketch out on a napkin to a ...
· Finding a great team is the biggest challenge. With so many different paths a startup can take, having a te...
· Most startups lack a structured process for testing their nusiness models' hypotheses – marketes, cust...
· Every startup or company wants to get a product to market and sell it, but that can not be done until the comp...
· You should consider looking into your own pocket first, founder. Somethimes this apporach is called bootstr...
Key Activities
· The importance of getting out of the building and into conversations with your potential customers is the mo...
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