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Is it important enough that the right product will drive significant numbers of customers to buy or engage with the product?
You should get out of the building and test customer perception of the problem and the customer's need to solve it. 


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Pivots may happen in the customer discovery stage. Embracing the fact that startups regularily fail and pivot along the wa...
· Because target customers, product secifications and future product presentation may change daily, earl-stage star...
In a startup, the founders define the product vision and then use customer discovery to find customers and a market for th...
• You may be able to get some money from an incubator or accelerator fund if you have a strong pitch, problem/market fit, ...
Key activities
• Locate customers and product's key features. • Make continous iterations and pivots. • Agree on market type. ...
Networking opportunities
LINKS: LinkedIn: Twitter: Facebook: Happening: htt...

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