Fast growing company


Does your company have strong, scalable solution ready to be exported to new markets? Is your revenue on continuous growth and your products have considerable traction? Then you're a FGC focused on execution.


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• Your focus is on execution, leaving informal and unstructured learning and customer discovery into building formal, struc...
· Recognize the need for a seasoned operating executive and recruit a skilled CEO. He or she should be skil...
· Management strategies need to change as the company grows. From development-team centric to mission-centric to p...
Move from earlyvangelists to mainstream customers. LINKS: Bob Sutton and Huggy Rao: Scaling...
· VC funding - Series A/B/C : Institutional investment from VCs. Generally happens during growth phase when your i...
Key activities

 Start executing a validated business model.

LINKS: - LinkedIn: - Twitter: - Facebook: - Happening: http://www.happe...

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