Most people you are trying to sell to don't have your skill in visualising products that barely exist. Build a  minimum viable product (MVP) first - a product with a minimum set of features and capture their attention. 



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• Build a minimum viable product (MVP) first. The goal of the MVP is to build the smallest possible feature set. • Mo...
• Startups should search for people that are open to learning and discovery – highly curious, inquisitive and creativ...
• In a majority of startups, measuring progress against a product launch or revenue plan is simply false progress, since i...
• Preparing a prototype or presenting evidence that shows consumer demand is crucial. Survey data helps, though letters of ...
• Fatal mistake for startups (when get funded) is they believe that when someone give them a cheque all they need is to hir...
Key activities

•  Test the product's perceived value and demand.

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